WoD – Just Around the Bend

We humans sure are curious creatures.  In fact, it’s probably one of the things that differentiates us and drives us forward as a species, I think.  (That and opposable thumbs.  And maybe beer…)

But whenever we seek something, we always seem to wonder if it’s slightly better just around the corner.  If we’re camping, for example, whenever we find a somewhat suitable spot, we invariably think to ourselves, “but just up ahead there looks to be an even better clearing…” or whatever.  It may even apply to relationships too, and why there’s that stereotypical hard time with commitment, etc.  I am sure there’s lots of examples to use from your everyday life, too.

The question is why? Why can’t we just be satisfied with what we have?  Why are we so willing as a species to repeatedly play “Let’s Make a Deal,” and risk the cash in hand for what’s behind Door #2…?



Lifestyle, way of thinking

He may not go to temple, but his shteyger is more religious than yours.


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