WoD – Comcast Customer Service

Now I am not one to gripe too much about customer service in general, having basically resigned myself to its woeful state across so many companies many moons ago.  But this one just takes the cake.  So I was trying to call Comcast, (because in doing bandwidth tests, I have uncovered that Comcast apparently is capping/constraining our upload speed at 360kbps – what’s up with that?)  But let’s just say for the moment that I wanted to get a service visit and upgrade to digital and maybe buy the next Tyson fight On Demand on this phone call, too – in other words buy lots of Comcast stuff and generate lots of revenue for them.  So, I dialed its main number, 1 800 COMCAST – the same one they advertise to call for buying things like switching to Comcast, buying cable modem service, etc.

After being prompted to hit 1 for English or 2 para Espanol, I was put on hold for about a minute before hearing a recorded voice which stated, “We are sorry for the delay – we are attempting to place your call now.” Attempting to place it?  I didn’t really understand that, since I had already called 1 800 COMCAST – what’s there to place?  Well, I soon learned.  After an additional minute or so of waiting, a second automated voice said, “We apologize, but due to the heavy call volumes we are experiencing, no customer representatives are able to take your call.  Please consider calling us back in the future so we can assist you.”  Click. They hung up! I was so amazed by this complete and utter bad business move (or, complete and utter disregard for potential customers that can only be gotten away with by a flat-out monopoly) that I called back in 10 minutes to see if perhaps that was just an anomaly or some sort of system overload.  Same wait, same ‘attempt’ to place my call, same automated recording telling me they were unable to take my call and would I perhaps consider calling back some other time, same click.  Is it me, or is this like the worst customer service policy you have ever seen?

I actually used to sort of like Comcast (only because I pretty much hated Verizon so much, so in comparison it was my least hated monopolistic service provider), but is Comcast too busy to even accept a call that might bring them lots of additional revenue?  Holy crap.  I could have been a brand new customer, ready to give them $120/month for cable and internet service, or even more with added services.  I know how much these companies hate having to do customer service support and need to cut costs, but this could have been a SALES call – and they didn’t even answer the phone!  The only conclusion I can draw as to how a major company could act like this and adhere to this sort of phone policy is that it truly doesn’t care about new customers, or any customer for that matter.  There is no recourse nor penalty for this type of bad behavior.  I am still stupefied by the whole exchange.  Well anyway, I gotta run – I gotta go pay my $120 Comcast bill now…

EYGENE SONIM (Aygehneh SOHnihm)
With friends like that, who needs enemies?  (Lit: own enemies)

He’s the one that got you into this mess? Eygene sonim!


1 Response to “WoD – Comcast Customer Service”

  1. 1 Comcastcares1 May 18, 2009 at 11:02 am

    I apologize for the frustrating experience. I will make sure that your experience passed on to the appropriate department for evaluation. So that we may learn more about your experience and assist further with the other issues you stated, will you please let me know the phone number associated with your account?


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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