WoD – A Fruity Tale

Today’s Word of the Day is entitled “A Fruity Tale.”  (This was the first WoD with a title, actually – from way back in December, 2004.)

So I was on a plane the other day and got a little snack.   I get the box and it had a small bag of Craisins inside.  If you don’t know what craisins are, they are dried cranberries.  Ocean Spray must have figured it was easier to invent a whole new word and brand a whole new thing than just use the word cranberry.  Somewhat interesting and WoD-like in its own right.

But this is where the story takes another turn.  The thing was, these were STRAWBERRY-flavored craisins.  Yep, I was eating a strawberry-flavored cranberry. (Insert sound effect of a record player needle scratching sideways across an LP.)  That’s like an orange-flavored apple!  Or a tomato-flavored cucumber!  (Kinda sounds like something straight out of Willy Wonka.)  Why not just make them dried strawberries?  You could even call them Straisins.

The thing is, though, I liked ’em.  Liked ’em better than cranberry-flavored cranberries in fact.  So there you have it — strawberry-flavored cranberries.  I am a fan.

(Oh, and in case you’re curious, the ingredients were: dried cranberries, citric acid, sugar and elderberries.  So, just to be clear, they use elderberries to make cranberries taste like strawberries. Go figure…)

Sigh, Moan, Complain

You always krekhts about your back; why don’t you see a doctor already?


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